Item Level Permission

Is Item Level Permissions still only available to Enterprise level customers?

Yes, only for ENT @herbliu

Wow. That’s disappointing. That’s pretty basic feature many others offer. Is Monday going to consider releasing that tier wide? This is really the biggest feature that is forcing me to look elsewhere as much as we as a company enjoy Monday. But even small companies need permission levels.


When this item level permission be available to use?

Hi @donaldcornel - We have been able to get several of our Enterprise clients into the early release and have been using Item Permissions for a few months now. A fabulous feature. It’s still being granted to those on a waiting list, a few each week. While we haven’t run into any bugs per se, there are a few side effects, so to speak. For example, when you are using Item Permissions on a board, only board owners can view the activity log. Also, if you use a linked column (Connect Boards column), the search feature back to any boards with Item Permissions won’t work. You have to scroll through the item list to link your items from those boards.

This is a very basic function. Maybe monday has a small area of use in China, but it is too important for the item permissions currently authorized by Chinese companies.

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