Permissing is killing the ability to organize our account properly

For the purposes of HR, we want to use the employee performance management template and also create boards to track activity relative to an employee - salary history, recognition, progressive discipline, etc… Ideally, we would like to set up a workspace for each employee, but this needs to be private. If someone can see and “join” another workspace, it affects an employees comfort level and perceived trust with management and in confidentiality of their information. Even if the boards are private, no one should even see another’s workspace unless there is a business need to do so. Unfortunately, we aren’t big enough for an “enterprise plan”. Doesn’t mean that we don’t have the same permissioning needs as a larger company. Can’t you find other functionality to restrict to “enterprise” plan? Otherwise, sadly, google docs ends up being a better solution from a permissioning perspective.

I tend to agree with you that security (permissions) should be included at any level. We had to use enterprise for the permissions or we would not have been able to use Monday at all. Although, permissions in enterprise are still a bit simplistic compared to most operating systems, they do accomplish most needs.