Pride Balloons - Really?!?

I agree with your words but Features are added based on broad user input. While we can’t fulfill every individual request.
Thank you

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Serving some strong tea, and I am here for it.

Also, an exquisite use of the word “behoove”!
I’m going to use it in this mornings standup meeting, and then watch everyone try to slyly google the definition :joy:



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If you’re afraid of the identity of your employees and colleagues leaking through and being expressed during the course of a regular business day, then I have to say, it sounds as though the work environment at your company may be better suited to an assembly line of robots.

Demanding that your company’s employees hide parts of who they are because they make you uncomfortable is… rather tacky, among other things. Again, if this is the hill you’re choosing to die on, you’ll find that you won’t get a ton of support or sympathy from the rest of the professionals in this forum who appreciate their peers for their diversity, rather than fixating on how a balloon animation represents something you don’t agree with.

You could have done a simple search in Monday’s documentation, and avoided this embarrassing forum exchange altogether.


The rainbow literally symbolizes acceptance for ALL - everyone, including you. Pluralism. If you can’t handle that, maybe you should look within and ask yourself why that offends you.


You tell him girl!


Yes - really.
Your request is as ridiculous as someone posting that they don’t like French names and asking you to change your name to Jack.
Being gay isn’t an ideology, it’s biology.
Shall we ban all science related pictures as well??


@Jakesmonday I tested the monday labs fix in our enterprise account and was able to shut off the holiday animation. @Annika provided a screenshot below. Hopefully, this resolves your dilemma.

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Unfortunately this does not work for us. Even with Bring Back holiday animation active this stays in place.

Maybe for Jake, Monday needs to add an animated snowflake :snowflake: option. Just for when he gets offended by things like :rainbow: :rainbow_flag: :transgender_flag:

The Animation is just Coloured Balloons. Go and take you hate elsewhere.


You have to deactive both of them.

It appear this has worked this time. Thank you @Annika.
When support helped with this that action did not deactivate it.

It has worked this time.

Appreciate the help.

I toggled it on and then toggled it off and it went away. That being said it was on my profile not a network-wide application.

Thanks for your time on this Gene.

I have set it at Admin level and it seems to have removed it across our business and clients with whom we share boards.

This hatred popped up on my feed unfortunately - I can’t request to not see small minded comments and questions, pity.


Sorry the balloons made it harder to feel hatred for a few seconds.