C# Create_Item example

I have a mutation that works perfectly via the graphql tool but cannot format the expression in C#. I tried many different approaches and I’m not looking for help in how to build a C# string with the following mutation.

Thanks ahead of time for the help!!

create_item (
board_id: 299576913
, group_id: “status32”
, item_name: “Test Monday API V2-2”
, column_values: “{“text5”:“Chris”, “site1”: {“index”:“2”}}”)

Hi cpaquette,
try this i think i could help you

Thank you

Thank you for the reply. I can get the mutation to work when I remove the column_values portion. Below is the formatted query:
“{ “query”: “mutation {create_item(board_id: 299576913, group_id: “status32”, item_name: “Test API V2”, column_values: “{\“text5\”:\“User A\”,\“site1\”:{\“index\”:\“2\”}}”) {id}}” }”

Any idea as to why this is failing???

Hey @cpaquette – to try and isolate the issue, can you try sending these column values to an existing item using the change_multiple_column_values mutation?