Cad office project

Hi all,

I have a small Cad team to manage. So far I’m using a shared Excel file (please have a look to the screenshot below) where the Project Managers fill (area 1 in the screenshot) the Projects with order number 2.part number 3.customer name 4.description 5.expected hours and break it in different tasks (area 2) and assign them to the design managers.
The Design Managers have to fill every day with the hours they have worked on the tasks (area 3)
The excel file give us a sum of the hours every Design Engineer has worked every week (area 4), the estimated workload (area 5), and a report (area 6) of which tasks every one has worked in a period of time.

My question: Can a free Monday account give me all this? I hope even mere and in a more efficient way.
I am considering a project management software, but before starting to learn and trial it, I would prefer to know if it can give me at least what we already have with the Excel file.

Hi @a036-e - Curious if you decided to use monday․com for this? You wouldn’t be able to do this with a free monday․com account, but in Pro there is a workload view that can easily sum up the time worked per resource and visualize whether they are working beyond, under or at capacity. Depending on the settings you choose, you can see historical data or hide it to focus on forecasting demand.

You can learn more about the Workload view here: The Workload View – Support