Calculate Budget Depending on Number of days in a Month


I need some help on the following.

Currently I have the following Columns
Timeline: Covers start and end date of a campaign
Budget: My campaign’s budget(in USD)
Duration: No. of days between the start and end date of the Timeline column
Daily Budget: Budget(column) divided by Duration(column)

Ideally, if I have April 1,2023 - May 31, 2023; that gives me 61 days.
With a budget of $6,100; I could get a daily budget of $100 ($6,100/61 days).

What I wanted to achieve:
A bar chart(widget) wherein it shows the monthly total budget for each month based on the columns/data above.

Kindly note that there could be a lot of campaign entries for a single month with different start and end dates. e.g.
campaign 1 - April 1 - May 31
campaign 2 - April 14 - May 18
campaign 3 - April 28 - June 02
campaign 4 - April 29 - June 11
…and the list goes on(just for reference)

Hopefully someone could help me as I am pretty new with