Calculating number of items with x status

Hi there!

I’m trying to calculate the number of items on a board with a certain status. I need to be able to calculate how many items have a status of “a”, how many with a “b”, how many with a “c”, and so on. The status values in this column refer to different employees, with the items being tasks that they are working on. Say employee “a” has a capacity of 30, item “b” has a capacity of 20, item “c” has a capacity of 10. Ideally I would be able to calculate what percentage of capacity each employee is at. Then I will create a dashboard showing that percentage.

I’m on the enterprise plan so have access to pivot boards if that is helpful at all. Thank you!

Hi @hart !

You should be able to use the workload app- but instead of the resource type being person- set to status, and then you can set a dynamic capacity per status.

Feel free to shoot me an email at if you want me to walk you through it! :smile: