Calendar - Multiple Day Events, Colour-coding and filters

Hi everyone - would very much appreciate a little help with sorting our calender for our internal workflows.

  1. Multiple-day events: Currently, the calendar only allows us to add events for a single day. However, it would be highly beneficial if we could create events that span multiple days. This would be particularly useful for planning and managing events that occur over several consecutive days. I have tried using the ‘Timeline’ column so that you can use a date of Jan 10th - 18th, but it ONLY shows up on Jan 10th as an item and does not block off the calendar as a continuous line. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Calendar filters: It would be incredibly helpful if we could filter the calendar based on specific criteria. For example, having the ability to view only events or social media posts would allow us to focus on specific aspects of our work. This feature would greatly improve our productivity and streamline our workflow.

  3. Color-coded calendar items: Another valuable addition would be the option to assign different colors to each calendar item. This visual differentiation would make it easier to identify and distinguish between various events or tasks at a glance. Assigning unique colors to different types of activities would enhance usability and improve overall organization.

Thanks for your help in advance and appreciate any suggestions,

Wish you a great day.

Hey @Ultraviolet,

Thank you for your post :pray:

  1. I hear where you’re coming from and will certainly share this feedback with our internal team. I apologise for the setback :pray: That said, if it’s of interest you can achieve this via our Google Calendar and Outlook integration. I will leave the support links below:
  1. In terms of calendar filters, had you explored our quick and advanced filtering options via the calendar view: The Board Filters

  1. This is a feature that is on our long term roadmap - you can check it out here → Customize calendar widget colors - #15 by BDavis. Stay tuned for future updates!

Let me know if you have any questions!