Calendar options for team to view office events

:slight_smile: Is anyone currently using the calendar view to be able to show trainings, team lunches or other events within Monday?
I am having a hard time creating a general office calendar that my team can use for events.

What problem are you having exactly? We use calendars for work tracking, but feel free to reach out if you have a few questions about getting it to work.

I appreciate you responding. I don’t need it for work tracking. We want to be able to show when someone is hosting a training say for 2 hours on Wednesday.
The look of the calendar doesn’t support that. It will show there is an event but not the duration.
Also repetitive meetings, every morning Monday to Friday my team gets together via zoom to go over our tasks for the day.
From how I tried to make this work, each day I have to create a separate item.

Unfortunately the is greatly limited when it comes to durations. For daily planning etc. it lacks the core features of mapping out hourly durations.

You could certainly create automations to duplicate and push dates for repeating events. I think you’d want a separate item anyway, even for repeating events.

In general though, for this type of planning, you might want to consider using some of the more advanced calendars on the marketplace or an integration with a more comprehensive calendar app.