Calendar View not displaying hours column informations

Hi There, I’m new to Monday, so excuse me if I’m posting something obviuos.
I need to manage the shift hours of my business, so I’ve created a board with all the relevant columns (Date, Hours, etc…), but in the Calendar widget all the info from the column board are not displayed. The only hours displayed are those specified within the Date Col. Is it possible that the widget doesn’t support the Hours Col?!?

Generally speaking I need to plan and share with my teammates a weekly planner, based on a calendar view that can also display the duration of each shift (ie: 9:00- 12:00).
Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot for your time and undestanding,


Hey @GiuseppeMo!

I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to integrate the hour column into the calendar view/widget.

Currently to have the time shown you would need to include the time within the date column. If you need to set up shift durations, you can set up an additional date column (i.e. start date + time // end date + time) and include the start/end time. I recognise that this isn’t the most ideal option for you and will take your feedback on board :pray:

Thanks for your understanding in advance!