Calendar view to display column name instead of Pulse name

Hello all,
I am interested to see if some of you are running into a similar issue with calendar views / date and timeline columns alike. Here is the skinny of what I am going through.
We are an insurance adjusting firm and need to track a whole lot of different dates per claim. Currently it seems that there is no discerning way to decipher what date is attached to the columns. My uploaded screenshot paints the picture pretty well. Now I know that by selecting the date you get the awesome dropdown feature, but on a long pulse and no way of knowing which date is your looking at it loses some value for us. I can understand that there are probably a majority of the users only tracking 1 date per pulse making the pulse name a great way to track the given date. I am wondering if there are any other folks out there that are having this same pain point. Is there a work around that you have discovered? Are you tracking dates outside of monday and the monday/google calendar integration? ( Google integration posts the name of the pulse as well. Not the column name)

The pulse name is *TOG.2029.013

The Pulse name is *TOG.General Claim Information - the particular date is tracking the “Date of Loss” Column in

I would be happy to explain more of our workflow and build. It would be great to hear your feadback!

Parker Miller

Hi @Parker ,

You should be able to build this using Integromat with monday and (google Calendar / O365) modules. On the monday side you can use “When column change send webhook” and on the Integromat side you can do everything with the calendar event you like. I have see this request before and will incorporate it to our soon to be release marketplace for advanced monday integrations. In the meantime feel free to contact me for more info in a PM.

I included my partner @PedroM in this reply.


I would be interested in check this out when it’s in the app market place if you could keep me informed :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Eda6195, 6-7 month back it was the plan to release solutions like this. In the meantime (with the monday apps getting mor flexibility) the only thing I focus on are monday apps (no Integromat)