Can a "People" column be inserted in FORMS

Can a “People” column be included in FORMS



Not as such. You could potentially use a dropdown instead.

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Can this feature be submitted to dev? I also would like to use this feature!


Hey @GiovanniSmith and @lagopian :wave:

If you are specifically trying to have the people column as an option so that you know who us submitting the form, then our Forms will recognize the person who submitted it only if all of these three conditions are met:

  1. The user needs to have access to that specific board (either main board or subscribed to the private/shareable board)
  2. The user needs to have an active session
  3. The user needs to be logged into this account only and not another one

Without these 3 conditions being met, the system is unable to distinguish who they are or whether they are a member of the board or not. This will result in the form creator being assigned as the creator instead.

As a workaround, you can always try using a Status Column with the labels containing everyone’s names to help track who is submitting that form.

Then, if you add a Custom Automation to assign the person from the status column, you will always have the correct person assigned:

You can also absolutely submit this feedback as well, but I want to be transparent that I don’t think this is something we would add for privacy reasons. To elaborate, having the people column as an option means people external to your account would be able to see who is on your account/board that the form is connected to, which might not be ideal for all those involved.

To submit a feature request/feedback for this or vote on the same feedback someone else has already posted, you can do so here: Feature Feedback

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


What if you want a people field in the form so the user can select a person within your organisation? For example building a recognition form where staff can fill in a form to nominate others for awesomeness - creating a status column for every staff member and setting up an automation to populate a people column in the table as you suggest above is incredibly manual & would need to be updated each time a new staff member joined.


My organization would love to have the People column be added to forms, so someone filling out a form can add anyone in the organization. I would like to add a +1 to this feedback for the dev team to consider.

We currently are using a workaround using a dropdown menu and the vlookup app, however it is manual and an administrative burden to maintain when people are onboarded/offboarded. We also have too big of an organization to use the automation that jennap suggested as we would need to manually add thousands of custom automations.

Regarding jennap’s comment:
“having the people column as an option means people external to your account would be able to see who is on your account/board that the form is connected to, which might not be ideal for all those involved.”
Would it be possible to add a privacy option to the forms, so that a user can choose the privacy on a form-by-form basis?

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Hey @HGMc and @Johanna :wave:

This is great feedback, thank you!

To make sure this gets to our product team, though, the spot where you can post feature requests and vote on feedback will be the Feature Requests page here: Feature Feedback

Here’s one I found that you guys can actually vote on and share the same message under to help show the use cases for this feature capability: Add People Column to Forms

I hope this helps!


This is what I do and then use the automation
When a new item is created and dropdown is THIS assign THIS as a person.

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