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My organization has a handful of boards that are used by the entire company (>50 people) to submit transportation or supplies requests. We are struggling to make these effective as the majority of our team does not have desktop access and is using Monday solely via mobile (they are active shop workers so desktop access is not possible).

I would love to implement Forms for these boards as a way to ensure that everyone on the shop floor fills out all the necessary information when submitting a request, so that our logistics department does not have to track them down in person to learn the details. Forms are also far more user-friendly on mobile than any board view I could set up.

The issue that is keeping us from implementing these forms company-wide is that the forms to not support any ‘People’ columns. One of the most vital pieces of information in this workflow is who is submitting each request. It is also important that they are tagged to a ‘people’ column so that they are a subscriber on the item, so that they get notified when our Logistics department tries to communicate with them about their request via the updates section.

Manual entry for this column is possible, but adds time and tedium to our Logistics manager workflow. I’ve also seen the suggestion of setting up automations to assign folks to the ‘people’ column when an item is created based on selecting their name from a dropdown. This is not feasible as I would need to set up over 50 automations, one for each individual in our company.

If the ‘people’ column were supported in Forms, I would be implementing their use company-wide tomorrow.

Hello @asnagel

There is a built-in workflow which assign the item creator as person:


Hope this helps!

Thank you! Unfortunately, that also does not work as Forms does not recognize the creator when submitting a form through the browser.

I reached out about this previously, and found out that the form can only recognize the correct user as the submitter if they are logged into Monday in the same browser that the form is open in.

Since our crew all uses the app, this does not work. Monday thinks that every item that is created via form was submitted by the form creator (aka me).

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Hi @asnagel

Have you tried WorkForms? It is powered by that changes the way your Monday form works.

Once installed, you need to go to your Monday form and go to Publish. Then, restrict the form to account members only and redirect to login page if not signed in.

With these settings, all submissions will now log the user’s name automatically in the Creation Log column instead of the creator.

Hope this helps.

Thank you @paulronolo! I looked into this as a potential solution, and Workforms seems to have created a fully separate Monday account where it will populate its info:


I don’t think my team will respond well to this as the information submitted through these forms needs to be accessible to everyone and easy to find.

Is there any way to set up a workform to populate to a board that already exists in our organization? Or, would I need to start completely from scratch in this new account?

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Normally, it should only update your Forms in your current account but it is not available for some accounts. Your account might be one of them.

I believe you saw this message when you signed up for WorkForms.

You can try to ask Monday support team if they can enable this app for you.

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@asnagel would you consider using an email as identifier or drop down of names? If so, this vlookup trick might work for you

Adeline, actually the Forms should recognize the creator as the person who submits the form in the “Log” column. For that to happen, the person using the form should be a member of the board (and of course a member of your monday account).

Otherwise, the person who appears in the Log column as the item creator is the person who created the form.

Hi Adolpho,

Since the people submitting the form are on their mobile devices, the form does not recognize the creator as the person who submits it. So, the “Creation Log” column listed myself, the form creator, as the creator for every single item.

I implemented the WorkForms solution presented above on 8/15 which solved this problem by requiring individuals to log in to Monday in their browser before submitting.

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