Can I create a board of tags?

I really like tags and I think they are a great way to organize tasks into “themes.” Is there a way to create a board of just tags? For example I want a board to be able to see all the items tagged “programming” or “Sales” or “urgent”? It should pull tags from all the boards…

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Hey @Wilma I think this is a great idea/use-case.
There is a way to see/search all tags within your monday account using the ‘search everything’ You can save searches of your tags for easier access as well.

One of the challenges with a board of all tags or all items of a given tag is the column issue/limitation. There could/would be different columns/types for each item since they exist in a number of boards. and to create a board with all these columns would probably better be accomplished by board connections/mirroring.

However 1 potential improvement to the search functionality would be a url provided for searching, or better yet a ‘tag board’ in a workspace (or outside the workspaces) which would be a ‘saved search’ of tags. Although the saved search accomplishes this in a similar fashion and is pretty clean.

‘Search Everything’ is located in bottom left hand of screen for webview:

Hope that helps!

Hi @Wilma - this could be handled very well in a master/child board organization. This way you can easily report on any column type (tag/status/etc) across multiple boards. This is accomplished by having a Master board with all the fields you need to track and mirroring those columns down to a template that is utilized by all child projects. This can be easily automated, however it does come with some caveats (subitems are not supported).

The best part is, reporting is absolutely spectacular (in dashboards and overview boards)! If you need a hand with the approach feel free to reach out any time.


Hi Mark:

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I don’t want to mirror columns, I want to view the original task. Mirroring columns would mean I need to create a task in the child board, then create another task in parent board to mirror the columns. When you have hundreds of tasks, this is not efficient. I was asking about creating a board of tags because when you search for a tag, you can see all the tasks in one place. That way I could create tasks in the main board and tag them with the department they are assigned to and the client they belong to. Right now it doesn’t seem like Monday has the ability to have the same task in multiple boards, so that if it’s marked done in one board, it updates in all the others.

Hi @Wilma . The way it could be set up is to mirror all columns from a master board down to the individual child board. Basically, when you are editing the items on the child boards you are actually doing it in the master. So there isn’t any duplication of work to have one central repository of information.

We have set this up numerous times for clients. While there are some drawbacks the benefits are fantastic from a reporting perspective.

This also lends itself well to the new (beta) My Work view as you don’t need to filter out multiple boards as all your tasks as basically in one source board.

Let me know if you need any more information.


Hi Mark:

Sounds great. I haven’t been using monday for long, but during my exploring I haven’t been able to have the same item in 2 boards, I still had to enter a new item then mirror all the columns. So if there is a way to have the same item in both parent and child I love know to learn how!


Hi @Wilma - I will record a short Loom video that demonstrates what I am describing. This should help :slight_smile: … Stay tuned!

Thank you so much!!


Hi @Wilma I recorded a shot video as promised showing how this system works. Please be aware, the main caveat to this approach is you cannot use subitems as they are not yet working with mirrored columns.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out any time.


Hello Mark:

This is great, thank you!

Question, could you send me the steps to create that automation? I’m stuck on the "connect them using a master board link” portion of your automation. Not sure how to do it on mine.