Can I link my contacts list to my tasks list in another board?

I’m very new to CRM’s. I’m not sure if I’ve set my workspace the most efficient way. I’ve created a folder ‘Clients’ and then have a board 'Contacts List" with seperate groups set up by industry they work in. I’ve also created a folder for my jobs ‘My Tasks’ and have set up a board that I would like anyone to refer to and see which contact I’m currently working with, who I have planned working with and people I have yet to contact. Is there a board template that can link the client from my contact list to my tasks board.

My intention was to be able to link the customer column to the contact list. I’ve just changed to title from ‘Members’ to ‘Customers’ but can only add people who are in my team. Hope this makes sense! HELP!!

Hi Priscilla,

yes its possible. First, your current customer column cant assign people outside of your Monday account.
The solution for your question is, add a new column in your “My Tasks” board, with column type “connect boards”, connect the board “Contacts List” to it. Choose your clients - done


Ahhh!! Makes sense. Thanks so much for your help. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me again with my next question haha.

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