Can I retain all existing data after swtiching from free plan to paid one


I have a free plan and want to swtich to paid one PRO account. I want to keep all data and setting intact . Is there any issue with data and config while migrating to new account type with same user.

Please guide here.


Hey Yash!

Yes, your data will remain in the account when you move to the free plan but you will not be able to add any new items if your items are over the free plan’s limit. You will also not be able to edit, or interact with, any features that are not included in the free plan.

To check what is included, check out this article.

I hope this helps!

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for reply. But I was checking other way as I have free account and will be moving to paid one “PRO” and want to check if my all data will be remain intact and I can add more items as per the plan [unlimited] which is restricted to 200 in free plan ,reason I am moving to paid one.

Please confirm this so I can go ahead and upgrade the free account.