On Pro subscription with discount - approved for NFP by Percent

We applied for, and were approved by Percent for the NFP licensing. In the approval email (late October) it advised that someone would be in touch with ‘next steps’:

In the approval email from Percent it stated:

Your account will automatically be moved to the free nonprofit plan in the next 2-3 working days.

If you have opted for the Enterprise plan, or are moving from a paying account, we will be in touch with next steps.

To clarify, we are moving from a paying account.

No-one got in touch, so in January I contacted support who advised that in order to move us over we would have to close our account :flushed:

in order for us to be able to activate your nonprofit plan we will need to first close your account in order to make the change on our end. Not to worry, all of your data will be retained . To close the account:

  • Click on your Profile Picture
  • Select “Administration” and then “Billing”
  • From there, you will see the option to close your account

Please let us know when this is done so we can make the switch to the nonprofit plan and confirm the changes on our end.

I replied to say that I was somewhat uncomfortable with this approach, and to reiterate that we are moving from a paid for, Pro account (10 paid users).

Can someone provide confirmation please that the above are required steps, and what the safeguards are in terms of potential data loss, downtime, etc.

Many thanks!

EDIT: I know that we can take a backup of the account, but my understanding is that this does not include Archived boards, (and automations?)

Hey Christina!

Charlotte here from the monday team! I’d be happy to provide some clarity here!

Yes, this is the procedure we use to switch a pre-existing account that is not on the NPO/NGO plan yet to being considered on the NPO/NGO plan as a nonprofit account.

It does seem a bit alarming to close the account but I assure you, no data is lost in this process! To provide some context (and hopefully ease your worries a bit), I will explain why we do this.

When your account is canceled, it automatically goes back to being on a trial version of our Pro plan for a period of time (usually 7 days) so that the account’s users have time to export their data or do whatever they need before the account closes.

In this instance, we’re using this trial as a way to have the account’s billing sort of reset back to where it was before you upgraded to a paid plan because then we’re able to move it to a nonprofit plan as if we’re starting fresh.

However, this does not affect any of the data IN your account - this is just how it works on the billing/admin side of designating it a NPO account.

You will have 0 downtime because when you cancel, it will be automatically put on a trial period while they move you over to the NPO plan. You won’t notice any difference on your end except an increase in features if you weren’t previously on the Pro or Enterprise plan before moving to the NPO plan. :blush:

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please DM us on social or send us a message here.

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Just to chime in, I think the problem is with language - closing the account is not the same as cancelling the plan. Closing the account means the account is no longer accessible, its gone. Cancelling the plan is stopping paid and paid features. In this case the existing paid features need to be stopped so the new plan can be set up.

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Many thanks @CharlotteK for the thorough explanation. I’m sure it will be helpful to others too.

And thanks also @codyfrisch for the additional info - which clarifies further. As you say, the terminology makes a difference!

I certainly feel more assured now and will go ahead annd action this on our side.

Thanks again for the prompt help!

(Copy in bold below highlighted by me)

So, initial enquiry stated: Admin > Billing > Close account. I was concerned about this approach and posted on this forum:

@CharlotteK stated:



Then, @codyfrisch stated that:

But then I followed up by email with support before cancelling:

I got a reply back to say:

I subsequently clicked on ‘Cancel my account’ but got another message. So I emailed support to check:

I then received a reply from a different person in support, which stated:


I am really confused, and worried, as I followed the exact instructions I was told to ie “Administration > Billing > Cancel my account”). Is some of the advice from support incorrect, or is there not a full understanding of what users can actually do with their accounts, and what actions are available to them?

Please advise.

(Also, for interest, app on iPad provides: Settings > Admin Settings > Delete account. I appreciate that the app does not provide full functionality, but it’s a bit strange to provide yet more terminology, and/or a different action.)