Opting in to the free account

I intended to sign up for the free account, but was pushed to a 14 day trial. Now that has ended, and there’s no way to shift to “free.” The minimum available are three seats. The chat bot indicated a free account is still available. Is there something I need to do to make the change?

My understanding and experience is when a 14-trial ends it automatically converts to the free plan, with no action necessary on your part. You then have the option to purchase one of the paid plans.

So its more like you get to opt-out of free into a paid plan when the trial ends, than opt-in to the free plan.

When I log in I am faced with this overlay:

and the two choices are “manage my account” which does not allow access to boards, just account information. When I click “choose account” I am presented only paid options.

Have they switched to only a 14 day trial and no free option for a single account? I’m too small an entity to need 3 or 5 seats.

Ah, I found the “free plan” link! tiny :slight_smile:

Interesting, they’ve changed stuff again. Shocking!