Can I use a formula with the summary of a different column?

Is there a way to use a formula with a summary of a different column in a Group? Here’s a use case.

Column A is a status column.
Column B is a formula. I use “switch” to assign a numeric value to each status.
Here’s how I would like to use column C

I want to count the items in Column A e.g. 10 items or 10 tasks in a project
Each item (pulse) corresponds to 1/10th of the project’s completion
The value of each status in column A is assigned a %, written in .00 format

This column would be “overall project completion” and the answer, the same for all items.
The formula would work like this:

(Count (number of items in Column A) * Numeric Value of Column B) *100, Format as %. Then I would have an accurate % complete of my project and I could mirror this on my summary or parent board.

Does that make sense? This would be beneficial because I could then assign a weighted value to each status item and it would provide me and my clients an overall better representation of the completion status of a project, and then that number could be used in various workflows.



Status A = .25
Status B = .50
Status C = .75
Status D = 1.00

Value % Complete
Do this b 0.33 3.3 72.40%
Then do this b 0.33 3.3 72.40%
And then this item d 1.00 10 72.40%
This task d 1.00 10 72.40%
Do this one a 0.25 2.5 72.40%
Here’s another task d 1.00 10 72.40%
One more Task d 1.00 10 72.40%
Here’s one for you d 1.00 10 72.40%
And yet another task c 0.33 3.3 72.40%
One final task here d 1.00 10 72.40%
Count the number of items in group 10 72.4

Hey @wyrobot,

I may need to see how you have set up the rest of the board to see what we can recommend. From what I understand what about:

1- Adding a column summary to the status and see the progress:

2- No need to compute the % as the column summary on the Formula allows you to add it after the fact:

Let me know what you think.