Can I use a formula with the summary of a different column?

Is there a way to use a formula with a summary of a different column in a Group? Here’s a use case.

Column A is a status column.
Column B is a formula. I use “switch” to assign a numeric value to each status.
Here’s how I would like to use column C

I want to count the items in Column A e.g. 10 items or 10 tasks in a project
Each item (pulse) corresponds to 1/10th of the project’s completion
The value of each status in column A is assigned a %, written in .00 format

This column would be “overall project completion” and the answer, the same for all items.
The formula would work like this:

(Count (number of items in Column A) * Numeric Value of Column B) *100, Format as %. Then I would have an accurate % complete of my project and I could mirror this on my summary or parent board.

Does that make sense? This would be beneficial because I could then assign a weighted value to each status item and it would provide me and my clients an overall better representation of the completion status of a project, and then that number could be used in various workflows.



Status A = .25
Status B = .50
Status C = .75
Status D = 1.00

Value % Complete
Do this b 0.33 3.3 72.40%
Then do this b 0.33 3.3 72.40%
And then this item d 1.00 10 72.40%
This task d 1.00 10 72.40%
Do this one a 0.25 2.5 72.40%
Here’s another task d 1.00 10 72.40%
One more Task d 1.00 10 72.40%
Here’s one for you d 1.00 10 72.40%
And yet another task c 0.33 3.3 72.40%
One final task here d 1.00 10 72.40%
Count the number of items in group 10 72.4

Hey @wyrobot,

I may need to see how you have set up the rest of the board to see what we can recommend. From what I understand what about:

1- Adding a column summary to the status and see the progress:

2- No need to compute the % as the column summary on the Formula allows you to add it after the fact:

Let me know what you think.

Hi there,
did you find a solution for this?

Any news on this?

This would be supper useful as now there is no reason for the sum to be there as you cant do anything with it. Would also be nice to use this in combination with automation.
For example: to change a project status as the total amount of worked hours crosses a limit.


Plus one! I really need the ability to create a variety of outputs based on a column formula.

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