Can Monday automatically put responses to a Google Form into a separate Google Sheet?

I’m new to Monday but my company already uses it.
The use case I’m facing is that our employees have to fill out Google forms to rate each other. It’s my job as an analyst to sort those responses in the private spreadsheet the form links to by employee name and put into a second, public spreadsheet in the appropriate employee tab.

Doing this manually (there are 76 columns in the private spreadsheet and 40+ employees) is tedious and error-prone, so I was wondering if there’s an automation on Monday that could do this automatically. Thank you.

Hi, I think you would be better off doing this in directly in Zapier or Make… both of these are automation tools that suit what you are looking to do. You can probably also accomplish this directly in Google… see Google Automation (Automation quickstart  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers)