Can do what Power Automate Flows do?

I would like to know if do what Microsoft Power Automate Flows do? It is not important to me that every task has a duplicate for each platform. I am only interested in a few specific tasks.

Can a process be kick started by Monday once an email is received whose subject line is something Monday is looking for?

Can Monday then open an attachment to this email and parse the lines of the file and then compare this data to the contends of the List?

No, monday does not natively have that level of automation. Many people use platforms like or zappier with monday. Or Power Automate, or logic apps, etc.

Think of as sharepoint tables with much easier to set up internal automations, and easy to install and add on integrations with third-party platforms. But at this time, things like document parsing are not part of it.

But it can monitor for emails with certain subjects to create items or trigger specific automations in monday (like a status change that could trigger more complex workflows).

Hi @Xarzu.

Power Automate does integrate with, if you would like to use Power Automate to automate your processes.

There’s a Microsoft Power Automate app in the marketplace that connects Power Automate with You can add it here.

There is also a tutorial available here to get started integrating the two: Getting Started | Plugin Genie.

I’m the founder of Plugin Genie, the creator of the integration. Feel free to send me an email ( if there are any specific use cases you would like help with regarding connecting the two. I’m happy to help.