Can you assign person to a board - and if so, how?

I was looking at a board view, when I noticed this:

So, if I have a board, and I view it in Main Table view, and I click on Person, I get “No one is assigned to this board yet”. Which implies, you can assign persons to a board. But if so, how can you do that? Clicking the obvious button “Person” does not allow for anything like that, as the screenshot shows …

Hi @sdbbs ,

We can’t assign people to boards inside What this message means is that no one is assigned to any items present on the board.

So what we can do instead is set the “item default values” to always create the item with the same person assigned to it, so that know that all the items present on this board are related to that person.

Let me know if that solves your issue!

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Best regards,
Giovanni @ Worktables

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Many thanks @worktables - that explains it; seems that the wording there confused me a bit, but your explanation cleared that up. Thanks again!

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