Cannot Make Private Workspaces?

Hi - I have the nonprofit plan and cannot create closed/private workspaces although it is listed as a feature in the features list. Is this a bug?


Cannot make closed workspaces:

Hi @allyssa–thanks for the question! My name is Jasmine and I’m the Community Manager for for nonprofits. I’d be happy to help you with this one. Can you shoot me an email at with your URL? We can take care of it from there!

We have the same issue - we also do not have the ability to use pivot analysis/reports. This isn’t a new issue, I don’t believe we’ve ever been able to.

Yup, did a quick check and we also cannot use pivot analysis/reports although it’s listed as a feature for nonprofits. Definitely think Monday needs to go through and redo the default permissions for all nonprofits.

Hi Melissa, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I already have your email from joining the nonprofit FB community, so I will reach out to our team about this issue.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Lyssa! I’m reaching out to the team about this issue to see what we can do to resolve. I will be in touch within 24-48 hours.!

Hi @allyssa and @mmckenna! I just wanted to give you a small update as we work on the issue. This is actually a bug within monday as all nonprofit accounts should have access to both private spaces and pivots/analytics. Our team is working on resolving the bug. I will keep you posted once I have an additional update.

@allyssa @mmckenna Hi again! I just received confirmation that these issues were resolved on your accounts! Would you mind double checking and making sure everything is working? Again, this is a bug, so I appreciate your patience if there is any issue!

Hi Jasmine,

Both features are still not working on our account - I checked both the desktop app and web browser.

Hi Jasmine - the private workspaces are working since we took care of that previously.

Pivots are still not available unless I’m accessing it wrong:

Thanks for helping!

@Lyssa @mmckenna received! I’ve shared with our team and they are taking a deeper look at these issues. I will keep you both up to date as we work on this!

@Lyssa @mmckenna Letting you know I haven’t forgotten about you two! I just heard back from our support team and on our end it is showing that you both have access to the pivot table option. You do have to add this view to your board for it to work–have you tried this? Search “pivot” in the “Views center” and you should see it (hopefully!). Let me know if this works!

@mmckenna we are still working on the private space issue! Thank you for your patience with this!

Hi thanks for the update, but it’s the same as before. It gives an error about not having the feature:

Good evening.

We, too, are on a non-profit plan, and we too, cannot seem to make private workspaces.
@JasHam - Has that bug been “released into a nice forest where it won’t bother anyone?”
@allyssa - Would you be willing to share your workaround?

Thank you, all.

Hi @LiamK! Thank you for reaching out and for this lovely way of approaching this issue! It seems the bug is still trapped in the house, haha.

Would you mind shooting me an email ( with the email associated with your monday account? I will take your account over to our internal team to see if we can get this resolved. @allyssa and I worked on her resolution of the private spaces together and we were able to resolve pretty quickly, but for some reason the bug is getting in the way on other accounts, so your patience is much appreciated!

Just as a heads-up, we are still working through your private spaces @mmckenna and pivat tables for both @mmckenna and @allyssa!

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Interesting, I do have all the features… so maybe theirs another issue with new setups. We been around for one year. Wishing everyone the best.

Hi @mmckenna @allyssa We have tried to reset these features for your accounts. Can you please try them again and let me know if this worked? Thank you so much again for your patience.

@LiamK, if you still want private spaces, please send me an email at!

@adriennemccue these three know, but this is a bug that is only happening with a small group of NPO accounts, so it’s a bit more complicated to fix than a normal permission issue, I appreciate you sharing that they are working for you though! This is good to confirm that it is a bug and not a universal issue! I also appreciate your well wishes :heartpulse:

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Is this feature available to the higher education sector? I am desperately trying to find a way to share a central calendar and learning that I can’t share just the dashboard with people in my organization. I have a group of administrators who do not need nor do they want accounts, but that appears to be the only way they can see this one dashboard. If I could at least make workspaces private so that it doesn’t clutter their view, it might help. As it is ease, it is likely a dealbreaker for us that we can’t share a link to a simple dashboard. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jasmine, we’ve recently signed up for nonprofit account, and I’m unable to set up private workspaces or use pivot tables. Could you please let me know what I need to do to fix? thanks

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