Cannot see mirrored columns when exporting

When I go to export my mirrored columns, the columns are blank in the excel sheet.

Hi @Erick - Mirrored columns should be included during an Excel export. Does the user exporting have permissions to the source board of the mirrored columns?


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We are having a similar problem when exporting a board with mirrored columns some rows have blank fields, however, other rows pointing to the same item in source board do export correctly.

The columns we are having problems with are 3 mirrors of mirrors, all are filled or blank on different rows when exporting the board.

Hi Mark,
We’re also having this issue. Some of the data from the mirror columns is coming through and sometimes not. It can be different within the same column with the same mirror link. I set up all boards and have permission to all boards so it isn’t a permissions issue.

Hi all @Erick @dgiraldo @jvandoorn

Apologies for the delay here!

This does sound unusual and we would love to take a closer look into this.
If you’re still experiencing this issue, could you please send our team an email at
It would be really useful if you could include a screenshot of the board and attach the corresponding Excel export.

For future reference, it’s worth flagging that we do recommend reaching out to our support team if you think you may be experiencing a bug within the platform! Our support team are available 24/7 and have a direct channel to our developers should the issue need to be escalated.

I hope that helps :smile:



Thanks @Dani

I did reach out to support as well and this was the reply yesterday.

To be transparent, based on what you described this does sound like expected behavior. We are familiar that in some cases the mirrored data is exported and in some cases not, as you are experiencing firsthand. After checking with our team, they confirmed that this functionality hasn’t yet been built out fully into the export function.

Therefore, inconsistent export results with that column are expected behavior based on current platform functionality. Meaning, that you might be able to export some of your mirrored data occasionally, but with no consistency.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you and your team! I’ve gone ahead and passed your feedback to our product team for their review, and I hope this will change in the near future.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

He did later say that Monday’s developers would look into it, so I hope they can find a solution because this is really breaking a lot of things for me.

Thanks so much for coming back to us!

I do see this has been passed over to our Developers to take a look at :smile:
Our support team will come back to you directly via email regarding this.

Whilst we don’t have the capacity to update every post on the Community with every update from our developers, I’ll do my best to post an update here publicly should anything change on our side.



Thank you Dani for escalating this and keeping us in the loop!

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Hi @jvandoorn and everyone else on this thread!

Can you try to export your board again via Excel? You should be able to see the mirror column data now, providing you have access to the original board the data comes from!

Hi Dani, I tried again and more columns are working! But still some are not. I have access to all boards (I’m owner on all)

Thanks for trying that out!

In this case, I think it would be best for our support team to take a closer look at exactly what you’re seeing on your side.
Could you please shoot them an email to
It would be great if you could include an example of how the board looks vs the export :smile:

Apologies for the additional steps here!

Hi Dani,

Thanks I’ll reach out to them.