Issue - exporting mirrored columns

@Dani @BiancaT
Opening a new topic as previous chain on the same subject was closed without any final confirmation.
Has the issue been resolved or is this still being fixed? Please share an update. Thank you!

Hey Adam,

Can you confirm the type of mirrored columns you’re attempting to export? Additionally, can you clarify the amount of boards the column is being mirrored across when exported? :pray:

Hi @BiancaT!
We are still in the process of designing a solution for a group of our clients, and we wanted to know up front if this issue still persisted or if it has already been resolved. Alternatively, it would be great to know of any current limitations when exporting data containing mirrored data from other board(s). Thank you!

That is completely fair enough Adam! We have tested the functionality on our end and checked on the status of this feature with our product team, and it appears that exporting mirrored columns should work expectedly :pray:

@BiancaT Thank you for the confirmation! :pray:
p.s. Please keep this thread open, so we can flag any issue we might encounter while testing our solution. Thank you!

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Absolutely - good idea!