Can't dismiss "invite teammates"

I was just invited to a team. I was able to set up and use my account via the Android app. When I logged in via a browser for the first time, after agreeing to the terms, I got this overlay:

I don’t want to invite any teammates (they all already have accounts) and I definitely don’t want to be reminded of this later. But there’s no other way to dismiss the overlay. This is very frustrating. Please advise.

Hey Ross,

Thank you for raising this - certainly hear where you’re coming from.

Transparently, the remind me later option also works to dismiss the notification. Please select that option. From my understanding, the platform shouldn’t intrusively remind you continuously to invite new team members. That said, the admin of the account should be able to turn this setting off for team members in the account, simply by deselecting the outlined option below:

Let me know if this makes sense and apologies again for the inconvenience here :pray:

Will try that when I’m back on a computer.

If it won’t remind me later, I recommend changing the wording.

If it will remind me later, an X in the top right would be great.

I’ll assume this is solved for now, but if I do get reminders I’ll follow up.

Thanks for the response.