Can't search for a subitem in a connected column

I have a subitem in board A that is connected to an item in board B.
When I try to connect the subitem from board A from the connected column in board B, the search functionality doesn’t work, when I search for the subitem or its item the result is always empty, the search works the other way around (when searching from board A’s column


Hey @slepa,

From what I can see your item in board IoTX - Tasks is connected to the subitems of board PRnD Initiatives as such, it is expected that you can only search for subitems in the connect board column, and not items. Does this make sense? :pray:

In regard to the subitems, it appears that ‘research’ may have been misspelt (from what I can see it reads ‘Reas…’ ), which explains why the subitems did not appear in the search - can you please give it another go?

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 3.15.49 pm

If you’re still experiencing issues, can you please try duplicating the column and let us know how you go?

You are right that was my mistake it is working, but the limitation that prevents from searching for the parent task is problematic for us as the subitems have the same names across all tasks and the only way to differentiate between them is by the parent task so if we are looking by subitem we get all tasks, any workaround for that?


I hear where you’re coming from here Sahar and will share your feedback with our team internally - I also encourage you to submit this as a feature request so our community members can vote, and increase the potential for development.

As for a workaround, at this stage I think the best way forward would be to continue connecting the item from the subitem section if this makes sense? I mention this, as I can see you have a two-way connection set up in the specific column, as such each time you connect the item in the subitem, this automatically connects the item to the specific subitem - without you having to search for the subitem/parent item. I recognise this may not be ideal and not the way your workflow currently runs, so I do apologise for the limitation here :pray: