Can't seem to get rid of red exclamation in formula

I’ve looked at a lot of posts about this, and I just don’t fully understand the code being used to remove the red exclamation when my formula has to divide by zero when the fields are blank.
The formula :

Its just finding a percentage, and when I don’t have the numbers to put in yet the exclamation point is there. It doesn’t hurt anything it just looks bad, and I wish I could just hide it somehow. Thanks.

Hi John,



It will show 0 when no data in {Target} or {Reimbursment}.

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Thank you Gilles. It does get rid of the exclamation, but at the bottom I have it showing the average of all the percentages in this column, so it lowers the average a lot to have all the extra 0’s. Is there a way for it to not even show anything before I’ve filled in the reimbursement and target numbers? Thanks again for the help.


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It worked! Thank you Gilles
I would have never figured that out haha