Formula Function Dividing by ZERO giving Exclamation Value

I am trying to do an IF statement that generates a Zero Value when dividing Col A by Col B, when Col A and B are already Zero Value. So 0/0 gives me a red exclamation mark saying “One of the parameters is invalid”. I want a formula to well give me Zero “0” as a value and not the exclamation mark. Usually in excel this is a simple IFISERROR function but I can,t figure this out.

Here is my formula when Item A, Item B and Price are “0”

({Item A}+{Item Bt})/{Price} = Exclamation Red Mark

Please help! Thanks


Untested, but correct answer:

IF({Price}<>0, DIVIDE({Item A} + {Item Bt}, {Price}), 0)

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WOW - It worked. All I had to do was populate those empty fields with zero values and then the formula worked! No More annoying red exclamation marks. Thanks!!!


Well, that won’t due. Let’s fix that…

IF(({Price}+0) <> 0, DIVIDE({Item A} + {Item Bt}, {Price}), 0)

Now you won’t have to put the zeros in.

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