Capture Screen - Capture screenshots or recordings of bugs/issues and attach it to items right from

Capture screen app lets you take screenshot or screen recording of your desktop right from your browser. No need to rely on any external tools to do this and then upload the file to Users can just open an item and just click on a button to take screenshot/recording and automatically attach it to the item. The files can be either posted as a update or attached to any existing file columns. The screenshot can also be edited right from the browser before attaching it to the item. (Ability to edit the screen recording video right from the browser is on the way). All the file are attached right in your account and its not sent to any external servers or third party services.

Here is a demo video of the app - Capture Screen - - Demo - YouTube

You can install the app with -

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Hey @arjun

Thanks so much for sharing your app with us! I’m sure this will be really useful for users who work in development, as this can help connect the dots together :slight_smile:

I hope it will be a smooth sail for your app users!


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