Capture the location

Can capture the location of the person once he visits the site(sales agents)


This might be possible within the API or with some custom integration through Integromat/Zapier. Moving this topic to the appropriate section and calling in some help. @dipro @Helen

Hi @Annie_123, and thanks for looping us in @andrewalmand!

At this time this functionality does not exist in the native platform. However, you can build it out in a custom app using our monday apps framework.

I’m honestly not too sure if no-code platforms such as Integromat or Zapier support this, as you would need to capture the user’s location in a different platform, or just in a different method.

Additionally, using our API you’re able to query location data that users input into their profiles, however this wouldn’t be a live location, only the location that a user has chosen to include in their user profile. Here’s an example of what this query would look like:

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Can google map be integrated with

Hi @Annie_123,

Yes indeed! You can absolutely build a custom app that integrates the Google Maps API with the API.

However this will require some technical experience, or at least access to a technical team!

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