Geo-location (geo-tracking)

When a form is submitted by an individual who is completed for example a job. I would like the Monday Form to have the Geo-location (geo-tracking) added without location being typed by the individual. i think this is very similar to your Uber eat apps that tracks location live.

I have been searching for alternatives on Integromat and, but sadly with no success.

I think this will assist a lot of businesses wanting to keep track of there i.e. Technicians, delivery personnel, etc.

we need this too… its very useful to control employee status and location

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You are correct - this is not natively available within

However, I have implemented this use case for a number of clients over the past year. (The use case I note here includes capturing GPS data.) But to achieve this requires a form that sits on a 3rd party server. Entries on that form can then be brought into a board using Integromat or a similar integration platform.

Alternatively, the solution created by Skiply provides some excellent functionality that you may be able to adapt to your use case.

Hope that helps.


Hi @MondayExcelGuru89 @hlopezvc
Thank you @snicho for the mention.
I have a good news: this is exactly what we do with Ubiqod.
What we provide is a QR code that redirect to a form. For the moment this form can be a list of items (work started, work finished, maintenance, cleaning, etc.) and/or a PIN code to confirm the identity of the technician, but we plan to support custom fields very soon.
Then, you can activate the “geofencing option”. This will ask the GPS position of the smartphone at the end, and send the GPS position, and/or we are able to check if the technician is near the site.
You have an example of implementation with Zapier here: My first app with Qods and Zapier - Ubiqod (that mean that you can use a zapier action for testing purposes).
If it fits to your need, we could add it to our “QR code item tracking” App in
The only limit for the moment is that we can not update a location column in, but the team told us it should be done early this year. That mean that you will have to store the GPS position in a text column (or you can use the geofencing check)
Does it answer to your need? If not, what would be missing?
@Estelle you should have a look.


you should add the right of each people to accept or not the geo localisation. If not, it is spying and it is forbidden

Thanks jeromeskiply,

Really appreciate the feedback. Love this platform. Everyone is always so willing to assist.

Hi @maximebche,
This is the strength of our platform:

  1. User must accept the geolocation. If not, the position is not sent. We can not access GPS data without user consent.
  2. Unlike apps like Google Maps, we do not track people permanently, but only when they press a button or send data.

Thank you for pointing this out.


A hidden camera also known as a spy camera is a still or video camera used to record people without their knowledge. … Hidden cameras may be used for household surveillance devices and may also be used commercially or industrially as spying .

Tracking your in your company is not. But thank you for the heads up