Template for Field employees with location tracking


I am new to Monday… I evaluate best tool for me and thought Monday may fit.

Need to manage field workforce of 100 staff, all out there in the field, where in simple way i want to have daily tasks set for employee per his team (different tasks per team and day of week) so they can know what to perform, and i can track them, not only when they did the task but also want time stamp of location where they made the task so i can see where they are.
also i need a way to add more details to a some tasks - e.g. take picture, fill some fields with information etc (e.g. maybe need integration with form builder)

any idea of ready template for it ? and specifically on location capture

Hey @ronaldlee537, thanks for posting and welcome to the community!

I’d love to help here. Can you elaborate on what kinds of tasks these are? What information do the employees need to enter? This will help me give more specific suggestions.

If these tasks are daily and weekly, I recommend checking out our recurring tasks automations:
How To Create Recurring Tasks

You could timestamp updates on these tasks by using the last updated column: The Last Updated Column

Users can take pictures and fill them in on the updates section or in a form:
Updates Section
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Can you elaborate also on why you’re looking for location capture? I’d love to help further with this one!