Certified monday.com Partner and Expert for Hire :)

Experienced in building from the ground up, as well as consulting and implementing change on existing builds.
I love solving challenges when it comes to broken workflows and translating what the client tells me they want to happen, into a complete user-friendly solution.

I’ve worked on projects for clients ranging from global NGOs, small local businesses, and one off events and projects.

I’m also happy to just chat about monday.com, and help you figure out the best configuration for what you need.

Hey Matt,

To address your needs, I would start by analyzing your current monday.com setup and identifying the gaps and inefficiencies. Then, I’d tailor a solution that simplifies your workflows and ensures everything runs smoothly. This could involve custom automations, integration with other tools, and optimizing existing configurations for better performance. My approach is practical and focused on creating a user-friendly environment where your processes are seamless and efficient.

I’ll leverage my extensive experience with global NGOs, small businesses, and one-off projects to provide a robust solution. My goal is to ensure that your workflows are not only fixed but enhanced, making your operations more efficient and less time-consuming. We’ll work together to translate your needs into a comprehensive, intuitive solution.

Hi Sachin,

Thank you for your reply, but I was actually advertising my own expertise AS a certified partner :slight_smile:
Great to connect though, always love talking (and geeking out) about monday.com.