Change or Customize how Tasks are Grouped on the My Work page

My Work defaults to Grouping tasks by the Date Field. How can I group by a different field such as Status or Priority? Can I save different views or different filters on the My Work page? It can be tedious to manually reselect fields from all of my boards. Thanks!

Hey Steve!

Are you talking about the “Overdue”, “This week”, “Next week”, etc categories? If so, these categories can’t be replaced in My Work. :frowning_face:

Alternatively, you could set this up in a board! To group by a different field such as Status or Priority in your board, you can start by having a Status or Rating column on your board to indicate priority for each item. Next, you can use the “Group by” feature to select the column which indicates priority on your board. This will organize your board according to priority so you can tackle the most urgent items first.