Changes to item creation automations

Last month there was a notification that went out regarding changes to how items are created via automations. I think the gist was currently an item is created and then fields are updated from the recipe within a second, but it was changing to creating an item with all fields filled in. I have the link that I saved, but the article has been taken down and I can’t find any references when searching here beyound a change last year regarding statuses.

Here is the link I have saved.

Is this change still happening? If so, when?

My account had a banner the past week saying there will be no changes. I think they discovered some issues with making the change - either technical or that they would be greatly inconveniencing the customers.

The main thing I see is that their strategy relied on “when item created” and "and some condition (status, dropdown, etc.)

Except it seems that people relied on other columns that can’t be conditions for triggers. If a text was populated with something, it would trigger, if it was empty it wouldnt trigger for example.

This was going to lead to a lot of broken/impossible workflows.