Changing Default Colour Status

I know this was proposed a few years ago but I think it would be an easy addition for the team and useful for other teams. Changing the default colour in the status.

Hi @jackw ,

If I understand your request correctly and if you are an admin of your Monday account, you can go to the Administration section → Customization → Boards and customize the status names and colors that will show up by default in newly created boards.,automations%20to%20enhance%20your%20workflow! This documentation from monday has a section called “Create default labels” that talks more about this.

Hope this helps!

No, they want to change the gray status everything starts out to to a certain color.

@jackw you could use the “item defaults” to set items to a certain default value though.

Just beware these behave like automations, so if you have another automation setup to change the status to something, you could experience a race condition where the default overrides your automation.

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Yeah this would work. However in Kanban view I can’t get rid of the default status which is really frustrating