Notifications are unclear

In our board, we have a list of items, each item represent a job, item name is the name of client.
Each item has multiple drop down columns, showing the stage of the manufacture (eg. artwork, manufacture, parts prep, assembly, etc). Each of the column can be clicked to change status of that work progress (working on it, not started, done).

When we make changes (eg Client A’s job- Parts Prep- updated to “done”) the notification shows:

Client A (name of item) Parts Prep (column name) was changed from not started to “done”

An example will be:
Monday question

the above has only the client name in bold, making it sometimes very hard to see what particular aspect of that job has been updated, since this information is visually buried between the bolded client name and the very colorful when the status color boxes.

Is there a way that we can set it to show as:

**Client A (name of item) Parts Prep(column name) was changed from not started to “done”


Client A (name of item) - Parts Prep(column name) was changed from not started to “done”
(dash before the column name to show hierarchy and makes it easier to read in a glance)

I also noticed, with the the preset column colour as grey, even I have changed the preset text to " Not started" the text doesn’t show up in the notification, it is showing as a grey coloured box. I am still pretty new to monday, am I missing something here? If not this probably should be fixed, it is making the notifications hard to read.

See the below example of grey color box with missing text:
Monday question 2

The column looks like this in the mainview which has text over grey:
Monday question 3

Hi @aelia - Regarding the gray box part of your question. The “monday default” gray box can optionally include wording, yet it’s not always treated like a true label status. If you want to have it show up as a real value in automations and such, it’s best to create a non-default status label for “New” or “Not Started” and have all new items set to that.

You mentioned you are new to the platform. I provide a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions in the community each week. Feel free to book a time here if you’d like to chat about your boards and setup, or ask a question or two! Book Polished Geek: more with

Thanks! I thought by adding text to it, Monday would have treated it as a custom label, but that make sense. I will update those labels, hopefully still be able to keep them grey.

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