Notify a team member via column change

On our job progress board I have created 2 text columns.
One to notify “CB” another to notify “NS”
(these are meant to be quick job notes without having to go into the updates and tag someone)

If I use the [when a column changes] [then notify] automation [and then clear column]
– it notifies them perfectly with the text in the column but when it clears the column it notifies them a 2nd time with a blank message (because it was cleared)

^^ how do I fix this? I have tried so many workarounds.

Hey @Johnsa9 - you’re not alone in this, the way monday automations trigger can be a bit frustrating and the timing can make these types of situations a bit difficult to handle.

What we like to do is use a “(check)” numeric column (basically a boolean/bit 1 or 0) to help control the timing of automations. In this example “column to clear” is the column you are monitoring for a change and (check) is a numeric column defaulted to 0 on new items created.

This should work for you.


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That worked! Thank you so much!
Would have never thought to utilize the numbers column like that.

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Great to hear! It’s a little trick we came up with a while ago to aid in these situations :slight_smile:

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