Changing primary field name

How can I change the primary field name in a board? I want the primary field from Deals (board) in CRM Pro Plan to move and become the primary field for another board in Production and I want these column names to be identical (e.g. Project). Where can I change the column name for that primary column?

Hey @MRC-Fridays-1960 just to clarify, by primary column are you referring to the item name and are you essentially interested in swapping the items name in 2 boards?

Hi Bianca, A few things have changed since I made this enquiry, but I still have part of the question. Currently, in our Projects board, the name of the primary field/column is Video. I would like to change that name to something more general like Project ID or Project Name. Where can I do this? Currently, we have a code but it’s not intuitive so if I can link to a more detailed name (e.g. another field), that would be great. We’re not moving from one board to another so I don’t need to create/move an item from one board to another anymore. The client decide to work from one Status field in Work OS to simplify/streamline. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply! I apologise if I am still misunderstanding but are you referring to the item terminology here?

Feel free to send over a screenshot if I am missing the mark :pray:
That said, if it is the item terminology, you can edit this via the 3-dot menu in the top right hand corner:

Please let me know if this is along the lines of what you’re referring to!

Yes – that’s it! Thank you. Simple fix.




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