Chart Functionality

In the Projects app, I added a Dashboard to a Board. I then added a Chart Widget with a pie chart to illustrate the open items in our RAID (Risks Actions Issues Decisions) board for a project. The chart displays the way I want it to. But when I click on the sections, it doesn’t activate a window that allows me to pop out to the data behind the chart. I also added a separate chart widget with a bar chart to illustrate the Task Progress. This chart allows me to drill down to the detail by clicking on it, unlike the pie chart. Can someone tell me how to fix the pie chart? I am fairly certain the pie chart allowed me to drill-down when I first built the dashboard (about a month ago).

Hey Amie,

Thanks for raising this!

At this time, Drill-down is supported only by charts with x-axis columns grouped by Status-type and Person-type columns only. I am afraid all other column types are not supported in drill-down at this moment. That said, if you’re sure that the chart settings are configured this way, I kindly ask that you please send over a screenshot and we can troubleshoot this together :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Thank you for the reply. Here is a copy of the chart I’m trying to configure.


Thank you for sharing Amie!

I can see that you’re labelling my groups, which I am afraid isn’t supported when attempting to drill-down. From my investigation, if you label by status you should be able to drill-down information. I apologise for the setback here :pray: