Charts View and Widget Enhanced, visualize your data in new ways!

We now have 16!! new ways to visualize your data in our Chart view and Chart Widget.

You can now choose between many different Pie, Bar, Line, and Column charts and see your data like never before!

The feature is available through the monday labs called New Chart types and is available for anyone to unlock.

When building your Widget or Chart view, choose Chart type and let us know what you think!


Amazing work. The chart view has really become a lot more useful this year.

May your next mission be to allow mirror columns to be used in charts! That’s a big block to our reporting at the moment.

Anyway, good stuff!

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Hi @naomiCSM
when using the pie chart, the filter works when you click on the status name (for example), but this filter is reset every time the page is refreshed. Is this a bug or will it not be possible to fix a filter for all subscribers of the board?