Need the possibility to print all information when drilling down a chart widget


We are using monday on our construction site as to provide our foremen woth the job they have to do.
They have a dedicated dashboard where they can see what’s on their table. Most of them are chart (as it is visual) and we expect them to double click on the chart to drill down the details. In this case, they should see the chart in the split mode, half of the screen being the chart and half of the screen being the table:

In this case, if you try to print this page, only the chart will be printed, not the table underneath:

It would be very nice to be able to print the table under as well, as it contains all the details the foremen need to do their job.
Of course, the foremen could go back to their board, filter the data and print them from there, but this is much more complicated and it requires much more time.

Thanks for considering this improvement

Have a nice day