Check out two new webhook events!

We recently added two new webhook events: create_column and item_restored. You can now subscribe to these two events and listen for when a column is created or when an item is restored from the trash/archives :smiley:

Hi @rflynn,

create_column sounds interesting, I have to think about it!

How about delete_column? :slight_smile:


Hi @lubos.husivarga,

I’m happy to hear you might find these useful :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and forward your feedback to the development team regarding the addition of a delete_column webhook!

For what use case are you looking to apply this webhook?

Hi @alessandra

We are keeping board’s metadata in our database to more effectively work with them in our service. It significantly reduces the amount of monday api requests when we need an information about a column. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep the metadata up to date and having webhook events for create_column, delete_column and update_column in addition would make this job much easier.

update_column could be useful when labels of a status column are changed for example.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

Hello @lubos.husivarga,

You can now use delete_column as explained here.

I will share your feedback as a request with our team!


Hi @Matias.Monday

Sorry, we are talking about Webhook events, not the mutations (linked), but thanks in advance for sharing it with your team!


Hello again @lubos.husivarga,

If you are referring to these webhooks, we have one for the deletion of an item too!


Or are you referring to native triggers to use in your integrations?