Checkbox Checked/Unchecked Automation Trigger and Conditional

I love this, but it seems that it doesn’t work with subitems… yet. Have you found a solution for subitems?

I’m scrambling to automatically add a work doc to a column in a subitem at the moment it is created. I can do it with items but not subitems. I thought a checkbox or status change might work, but it doesn’t work with subitems, that I’ve found. Thanks.

This tacks onto Green Llamas solution for check boxes doing automations. I wanted to run the process straight from a form, chain and the Monday help chat helped me do it. I needed the flow that if a a check box is check on the form, when the item is created, a specific subitem is made. It is for a simple check box to a client to use on a form, for example, “Do you want this page included in the document?” (Check is Yes, no check is no)

I needed to get the “General Caster” app from the app store.
For Every check column I made, I needed a corresponding single status column, and I used a Gen. Caster integration (Pic 1). My Columns are called Cover Page. Then I used the automation (Pic 2) to create a subitem to my specifications.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Shout out to Dieter @ support

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I third, fourth, and 85th this.

I have multiple checkboxes (true/false) options in a form. I need to add automation that will:

  1. Create a subitem based on if the individual checkbox option is true.
  2. Notify people that action is needed on this data if any of multiple checkboxes are true.

I’m playing with General Caster, but still cannot find a way to automate based upon formulas yet (The formula column sets the options based upon an OR statement covering multiple checkboxes).

True/False questions and options are SOP, so very strange that automation for these wouldn’t be a default trigger.


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Also looking for a similar solution, I try to avoid add on apps where possible, a tthe moment I am using lables with forms to then activate certain subitems elsewhere but its quite a work around for somehting that a check box should be able to do.

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Has there been any movement on this request from

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Hi all,

I maybe have a solution without having to create an additional column (here “To be updated” is a checkbox and the “is empty” check allows to detect if the checkbox is ticked or unticked):

Does it correspond to expected behavior?

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Did monday indicate if they would add this to the roadmap? this would be a huge win and wouldnt take development too long to release

Great idea! This looks like it would work - where did you find the automation fields for the above? I tried When [STATUS] changes… but am not finding my Checkbox column as an option.

Hi Geraldine, I used “Checkbox” type for my column named “To be updated”

Then in automation I used “When column change”

and “column is empty”

I hope this will help you :slight_smile: