Check/ Uncheck Checkbox field in Automations

I can’t see a way to check/ uncheck a checkbox field automatically in automations. This would be great if ‘when a contact status changes to something, check/ uncheck this checkbox’ was an automation. This way I could tally up how many contacts have reached that milestone, without the user needing to do anything other than updating the pulses status.

Hi Jack

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Would you not be able to apply a filter using the status column to see if that milestone has been reached? You could then save the filter as a new view so you can always go back to it?

Let me know if that could solve this?

Hi Julia,

Thanks for your reply. As we’re using pulses as leads, they will all end up with a status ‘won’ or ‘lost’ eventually. So if a lead is set to lost, I cant tell at the moment if it was lost before reaching ‘contacted’, or ‘seen’ (If their status is won I know all milestones were achieved, but the issue lies within the lost ones).

On an individual basis I could look at the activity log and see it entered ‘seen’, but I’d like to be able to see how many pulses alltogether have reached ‘contacted’ or ‘seen’. Then I can see how far they’re getting in the sales pipeline, rather than just seeing how many are in won/lost now.

Typically in CRM’s we’ve used in the past you would apply tags when a contact reaches milestones, so you can search how many contacts/ pulses have the ‘seen’ tag. I think a checkbox would work best in Monday as they are either seen (Checked) or Not Seen (Unchecked).

Does that make sense?