Checking Attendance for a kindergarten school

Hi all,

Anybody has best practice for this use case?

This is a kindergarten, I want to ask how to manage roll call of a class.
The teacher / Admin will take roll call for the class. There will be 2 cases:

  • Participation
  • Absent
    • With permission
    • No permission: admin will call parents to inquire. If a child is absent because of illness, medical staff will call to inquire about the child.

Our teachers are not technically proficient, we want them to be able to act quickly in roll call.

The list of classes will change continuously as the school is admission year round and children of the class can take time off at any time.

The roll call on attendance days affects the calculation of refund.

At the end of the month the accountant will be the one who based on the attendance list of each student to calculate refund. Depends on the package of the child, the refund unit fee may be different.

What about something like this?

I find for people who aren’t technically proficient (or just lazy) that the checkbox columns work best. It’s up to you how you want your groups split. Whether it’s by day, week, month, ect. Each teacher can have their own board or you can place all teachers on one board depending on what you’re looking for.

Biggest consideration is if horizontal or vertical board construction suits your needs best.

You can use groups as days, the days off can be a formula column which can be used to tally day(s) off based on status of Attendance column and filtered by student. You can track and document admin follow up. Teacher is a little redundant if but can be automated by classroom / board. If you wanted to link board with parent info and plan info you can calculate the discount based on the plan they are paying for. Contact info and other info could also be linked which could be helpful.

If I have checkbox columns for everyday in a month, I can calculate the total number in a formula. However, it’s not easy for teacher to check on mobile, while they only need to focus on TODAY. Although I can make a template, renaming several columns every month is also not a good way. I also have to create automation for every column as well.

I tried generate children list everyday (with current day on a Date column), and a checkbox. But I cannot count the number of checked items this way.

The last part is that, there are some different paid plans, therefore different refund each day. We cannot do VLOOKUP in formula. We cannot reference mirror column in formula. Is there any way to do it easily?

You should be able to reference mirrored columns in formulas now. I’ve been creating functions with mirrored columns for some of my boards. It does sometimes require that you refresh the function when the mirrored column value changed though so maybe this isn’t the best for your case.