Clock In Feature

I’ve had a problem with this for quite some time. When setting a date and time by clicking a button, it applies the automation creator’s time rather than the person that pushed the button to start the process. seems like common sense… Perhaps there is another work around.

Hey @tdmorin :wave:

I’ve just tested this on my end with two accounts and haven’t run into any issues. To clarify, the date + time logged matches the date/time based on automation creators location? Or does it log the date + time the automation was actually created (by the creator)? Just want to make sure I am understanding before I rule this as a potential bug! :pray:

Sorry for the delay in this response. I didnt see that anyone attempted to respond. Anyways, it applies the creator of the automation. It does the same thing with the hour column. Seems like it would only make sense to have the person the acts on the column log the times, not the creator of the automation, if that makes sense.