Time Tracking displays confusing start timer and end timer when using automations

Hi all,

As you can see, the log is showing me the one who has started the timer, not the assignee who really hit the clock.
I am the one who created the board, groups and the automations, but not the items. Our assignees themselves took the tasks.
I am using some automations like this:

I’m knowing that time tracking-related automation I created caused this problem. Could it be changed? Because I find it quite ridiculous when the automation creator impacts the real action of the others, they should be separated operations.

Hi @Nguyen - Welcome to the community. There is talk in the Partner groups that the handling of who triggered an automation may change down the road, but for now, it does indeed record the trigger as the person who made the automation.

There is a way to reduce the confusion for now, if you have an extra seat available in your account. Set up one user as a “bot” user, that is for no other purpose than automations and integrations. We have one that uses our little glasses and bow tie logo, so it’s very obvious immediately when an action was triggered by something automated, vs. when it was a team member.

First set up the bot account (be sure to turn off notifications for us, and use a generic email address that doesn’t belong to a real staff member). Then go to the Admin area and reassign all the Automations that are under your name to the bot: monday - Inbox — Mozilla Fi...


Thank you for your easily understandable direction. I think my team will manually control the Time Tracking then we can freely export report to excel to keep track of individuals’ effort since the automations didn’t meet our requirements.

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