Color by in Settings


May I know is that possible for us to create the same feature like:

by using this provided feature?



Hello there @yarhuoy,

What would your board view have?

What would this setting have to do with your view? How would they interact?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Matias.Monday

Thanks for your quick reply!

Actually we want to implement in the Settings to our Custom Calendar App, the app feature is almost like the default Monday Calendar, this is our current custom setting (only support Person column):

I am wondering can we implement the exact same “Color by” settings by using the provided feature:

Or we will need to code every logic of every dropdownlist options by ourselves?

Br, YarHuoy

Hello again,

What if you use the native settings:

  • Column
  • Group

And use the information provided by the user to use colors depending on the selected values?

You can change the name of the setting.

Would that work?

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Hi @Matias.Monday

Not sure if I understand what you suggested. The native settings you meant is referring to this?

Hello again,

Yes. That is correct.

Hi @Matias.Monday

okay we will try it out, thanks!!

Sounds good @yarhuoy!

Let us know what happens!